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Logo Designers - A Short Guide

Logo Designers are in big demand within the UK business industry . Through this guide we will look at the unique skills they bring to the role as well as different business trends affecting UK businesses across the country. Logos are required by thousands of companies across the United Kingdom and there has always been demand for unique logos to set companies apart from each other especially within competitive markets.

Why Are Logos Important?

Logos are important for a number of different reasons. Companies logos represent their brand and company and are often featured on a number of different platforms. A Poorly designed logo can mean that a company may come across as unprofessional or poorly organised. Another reason why logos are important is they are commonly associated with brand loyalty/brand awareness. Larger companies such as apple or Samsung are often easily recognisable by their brand logos. Logo designers are in high demand as many businesses want a brand logo that is unique from other businesses and sets them apart.

What Challenges Do Logo Designers Face?

Logo designers face a number of unique challenges in their role. One of the most active and prominent issues logo designers face is competition from non professionals e.g there are a number of online sites such as fiverr where freelance logo designers can cheaply sell their designs. Companies may be more inclined to go for cheaper designs online than they would for more established logo designers if they were working on a budget. Logo designers often have to deal with clients that may not necessarily not know what they are looking for.

Marketing And Publicity

For Companies looking for logo designers and logo designers looking for clients alike marketing and publicity are essential. Logo designers should have a good working knowledge of marketing as well as potentially elements of SEO. Whereas companies will want to attract the best logo designers to get in touch with them. Logo designers in the current day and age have had to adapt to a number of different forms of technology. Digital graphic design platforms are standard practice within the industry whereas older hand drawn designers were more prevalent prior to the introduction of computers around the 1980s. However having said this adding in hand drawn designs may add in a unique touch to a logo designer who is producing logos for a client.

Trademark And Copyright

With so many new companies being established and existing companies expanding it can be difficult to source new designs. In addition to this many existing designs are often copyrighted and if they are copied inadvertently this can lead to legal action against logo designers. One of the biggest and most controversial copyright infringement claims was between addidas and forever 21. In this case Adidas claimed that forever 21 had copied their three stripe design that they had previously invested millions in. The lawsuit is still currently active.

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